Make your invitations something that your guests will keep forever
(and they’ll help with the washing up!)

Browse through our designs from lovely Love Birds to a Cute Cupid!  Once you’ve chosen a design all we need to know is your colour choice and text. Within 7 days we’ll email you a proof of the design so you can approve it before it’s printed.  We also have the choice of white or natural tea towels for your design. The finished tea towels are delivered in bulk, but just incase you’re a busy bee we can package them up for you.  It only takes 7 days from the receipt of your order and your tea towels will be on their way to you.


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There are many variations on how to create wedding tea towels you can use our designs or come up with your own. Printing prices start from just £2.15 per tea towel based on a single colour print. You can use tea towels for Save the date, Wedding favours and even as a thank you gift.

If you’d like to see a sample of one of our tea towels, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to send you one.